NOT a cream....NOT a serum...NOT a moisturizer.

YOUTHBLAST. Is the ONLY dual delivery system Transdermal (On skin) / sublingual ( under tounge).

That is proven to fight the signs of aging , strengthen your skins collagen production. It works from the inside out and the outside in.

It is an HGH precursor that incourages a renewed younger version of you!

Originally, I started off as a professional Makeup artist and became interested in skin care and went to Esthetics School. I decided I wanted to make a difference and create lasting results in people’s skin so I got my certification in Clinical Esthetics from The Fulton Institute, bridging the gap between Dermatologist and Esthetician. Recognizing how health is from the inside out, I became interested in alternative/holistic skin care, not wanting to use damaging chemicals or toxins while still getting science-based amazing results. I have 20+ years experience in Medical Esthetics specializing in safe, alternative, non-surgical, toxin free treatments.
As a Medical Esthetician, I don’t do your fluff and steam facial with product. I work with groundbreaking technology to actually change the matrix of the skin—how it lives, breathes and functions through different modalities ie. 24K Gold, Microcurrents, Stem Cells, Laser, Oxygen, etc. All these things effect your cells which changes how the skin lives—my intention is to grow the skin younger so you look younger…guaranteed!
I’m here to make a difference to change skin without toxic injectables or expensive and potentially damaging surgery. I can create a similar response of lifting, tightening, and refining the skin without the harmful ramifications of toxins and chemicals.

I am dedicated to educating my clients: everything in our environment directly affects the skin and has an impact on its look and health. Environmental toxins and stresses can all have a negative impact. The alternative aspect of medical esthetics is so important, because beauty is from the inside out. I want to clients to not only look better, but live and be better. I talk about product efficacy, toxins in the body care, skin care, lifestyle, balance and eating, stress. The skin is the largest organ we have, making it a reflection of everything we do. It takes on stress from everywhere. As an educator I can also implement natural home remedies and recipes that don’t cost much money, but change people’s skin and their lives.


  • CSU Northridge, BA in Business
  • Newberry School of Beauty –Estheticians License,
  • Fulton Institute—Medical Esthetics license


  • Holistic nutrition
  • Reflexology
  • Homeopathy
  • Mesotherapy
  • Advanced peeling
  • Dermaplaning
  • DNA Institute
  • Perfector
  • Advanced Laser Training


  • 28 years experience. Owned 3 clinics in Renee’s skin spa in SACREMENTO and currently owns Renee Lynn Medical Esthetics in LOS ANGELES. Renee has trained many Estheticians and Clinical Estheticians over the years.


  • Writers in treatment Board Member (WIT)
  • Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners
  • American Breast Cancer Society
  • Beauty Expert to GWE

  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Ricki Lake
  • (Alternative home treatments)
  • Living with Ed
  • FOX News


  • The Aware show by Lisa Garr (2014)


  • Esthetically Speaking (Regular Column)
  • Vegas Woman (Regular Column)
  • Fun and Fit (Regular Column)


  • Currently writing a book on beauty from the inside out, which will include alternative treatments for regenerating the skin.
  • Working on anti-aging supplement to grow skin younger
  • Working on a clinical, chemical free, organic skin care line


  • Voted “Best of LA” from Living Social

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By using an Hgh precursor, YOUTHBLAST works with your body’s natural ability to re-energize & turn back the clock on aging.